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Relocating to China?

iReloChina offers fully customized relocation services to individual clients, corporations, governmental organizations, as well as our global mobility partners
Relocation Services
  • Individuals

  • Corporations

  • Governmental Organizations

  • Global Mobility Partners

Why Choose iReloChina
  • Quick and reliable services

    98% satisfaction rate

    Housing proposal issued within 1 hour

    Two customer service managers assigned to each client to minimize response time

  • Rich industry experience

    Our consultants have been working in the relocation business for an average of 5+ years and are fully prepared to handle all potential issues that may arise

  • Extensive network and resources

    Services available in 20+ cities in China

    10,000+ available properties

    Strong network of industry contacts

  • Your convenience is our priority

    Our staff thoroughly checks each apartment to make sure everything is prepared and ready for your arrival

    All paperwork is standardized and subject to preliminary checks by our team before being submitted to you or your company

  • Honesty and Transparency

    Full compliance with your company's housing policy

    Our consultants will discuss all the advantages as well as disadvantages of each rental property based on your expectations

  • Technology

    Continuous technology investment enables us to continuously empower our employees and improve the efficiency of our customers

What Our Clients Say About Our Services
  • I really appreciate iReloChina

    I really appreciate your Company. John is always available and tries to find solutions to my problems of housing in Shanghai. Thanks a lot and hope that it continues like this!
    I really appreciate iReloChina BARBIER
  • Overall it was a very good experience.

    Overall it was a very good experience. Selection of apartment was good and choice was possible between 2 good options. The support has been really exceptional at every step of relocation in Shanghai, thank you. After a few months in the rental apartment we are very happy.
    Overall it was a very good experience. Yves Dumoulin
  • Everything was perfect from the beginning until the end

    Everything was perfect from the beginning until the end. Sunny has always been there to answer immediately any question I had in house finding. She was also there to find a solution to any trouble I had. She really took my requirements into consideration when she was trying to find the most suitable apartment for me. She helped me very efficiently to go through all the administrative paperwork and procedures. I would definitely recommend Sunny. If you are in the same situation than me, I truly hope Sunny will take care of your case.
    Everything was perfect from the beginning until the end Renata Santos
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