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Expense Management

All your assigness's housing and untilties on one convenient platform

We deliver our corporate clients a tailor-made payment solution through our 360˚ expense management service.
Our services
  • Advance Payment & Payment Transfer

    We can simplify rental fees with advanced payments to property owners, while staying compliant with HR and finance policies.

    Advance Payment & Payment Transfer
  • Rental Fapiao Collection

    Before payment, iReloChina will collect and ensure prompt delivery of all fapiao invoices.

    Rental Fapiao Collection
  • Rental Fapiao Verification

    We verify all fapiao invoices for guaranteed authenticity.

    Rental Fapiao Verification
  • Payment Notice Submission

    We submit payment notices to HR in a timely manner, according to your policies.

    Payment Notice Submission
  • Utility Bills Management and Payment

    To streamline household management for your assignees, iReloChina can arrange payment of utility bills upfront (water, electric, gas), and then claim reimbursement from corporate clients.

    Utility Bills Management and Payment
  • Cost Report is just a Click Away

    Our expense management platform is fully accessible to clients for total transparency of rent and utility costs. Whenever you need it, the report is just a click away.

    Cost Report is just a Click Away
iReloChina Rental Payment Management Process

Our rental payment process is fully transparent through our expense management

  • Landlord issues rental fapiao and send to iReloChina

  • iReloChina verifies the fapiao and ensures the authenticity

  • iReloChina prepares debit notes and other payment documents to corporate HR

  • Corporate HR and finance arranges the rental payment to iReloChina/Landlords

  • iReloChina allocates the fee to each landlord.

The payment process is 100% visible by corporate HR through our expense management platform.

iReloChina Utility Payment Management Process

*already said this above, maybe try something different like: “All your assignees utilities condensed into one convenient location”

What We Deliver

Fast and more flexible payment timeline

We manage the collection and verification of fapiao for rent, utilities, and other expenses for all of your assignees; saving you time and allowing your HR and finance departments to focus on core business needs.

100% transparency and safety in payment process

All housing related transactions are accurately recorded and conveniently compiled into accessible reports.

100% deposit refund guarantee

No-risk full refunds of the rental deposit on all of our properties.